Get well-rounded oral care in Aurora with general dentistry services

A fast-paced lifestyle filled with jobs, school, sports, and social events has become common for most families. Access to multiple services with one healthcare provider can be a real timesaver. For many in the Aurora area, general dentistry services provide that convenience, in a familiar setting with staff they know.

What is a general dentist?

Rather than specializing in just one area of practice, a general dentist is educated, trained, and experienced in a broad range of dental procedures. As a general dentist, Dr. Harry Weingarten diagnoses and treats most common oral conditions. He will also provide referral and coordinate care if a patient needs a specialized dental procedure.

By developing a personal bond through a long-term relationship, Dr. Weingarten gains a thorough understanding of the patient's dental and medical background, and lifestyle. Because he treats multiple generations of families, he is likely to be aware of inherited traits that may influence oral development and health.

Included in general dentistry services

Dr. Weingarten and his team provide three basic categories of general dentistry services:

  • Preventive – This includes routine hygiene appointments and examinations, nutritional advice for a healthy mouth, and demonstration of proper brushing and flossing technique. Dr. Weingarten provides information to parents on caring for children's teeth, and he may recommend dental sealant to reduce the risk of cavities, or a custom-fitted mouth guard to protect the child's teeth during athletic activities.
  • Restorative – These are the procedures to re-establish your smile, ability to speak clearly, enjoyment of eating, and confidence, after experiencing a dental problem. Dr. Weingarten provides treatment for gum disease and fills cavities. Root canal therapy, crowns, bridges, dental implants, extractions, and treatment for TMJ disorders also fall into this category of care.
  • Cosmetic – Cosmetic treatments are those intended to improve the appearance of your smile. You might opt for teeth whitening; or dental veneers to disguise chips, cracks, deep discoloration, or minor misalignment. Dental bonding material can be used to improve minor enamel and spacing flaws.

There is a good deal of overlap in these groupings. For example, aesthetics (cosmetic appeal) is a consideration in most restorative procedures. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant or bridge also improves the appearance of your smile.

The team at Dr. Harry Weingarten & Associates Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is here to make sure you and your family get the dental care you need. Call (905) 727-1917 to become a patient and begin taking advantage of the conveniences of general dentistry.

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