Your smile should look good and feel good. Problems such as cavities, gum disease and infection can potentially cause discomfort and anxiety. The care you receive from Dr. Weingarten and our friendly staff is focused on keeping you comfortable and restoring health and beauty to damaged teeth using the most conservative methods.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Periodontal Therapy- routine check-up and cleaning of teeth above and below the gumline
  • Teeth Whitening- brightening a patient’s smile safely and effectively
  • Sportsguards- plastic appliances placed over teeth to prevent injury in contact sports
  • Composite Fillings- tooth coloured fillings that are esthetically pleasing and very durable
  • Root Canal Therapy- removal of infection or diseased tissue from a tooth
  • Veneers- thin porcelain coverings placed over natural teeth to correct minor esthetic imperfections
  • Crowns- caps placed over compromised natural teeth to improve strength and durability
  • Bridges- single or multiple tooth replacement using adjacent natural teeth as support structures
  • Implants- single or multiple tooth replacement without compromising adjacent teeth
  • Extractions- removal of teeth with irreparable damage

Call us to schedule routine care, or to inquire about services that can improve self-confidence and give you a stunning smile for life. We value the trust put in us by our patients and look forward to providing you with comprehensive, compassionate care.